Modrest Serenade - Modern Black Eastern King Master Bed,Modern Furniture


Master Bed,Modern Furniture (inside measurements): W:70.9" x D:78.7"
Nightstand,Modern Furniture: W:21.7" x D:18.5" x H:12.2"
TV-Stand,Modern Furniture: W:63" x D:16.5" x H:16.9"(Not Available)
Lounge: W:59.1" x D:28.3" x H:27.6"(Not Available)
Ottomans: W:27.6" x D:19.7" x H:13.8"(Not Available)
Dresser&Dresser&Mirror,Modern Furniture,Modern Furniture Dresser&Mirror,Modern Furniture: W:27.6" x D:1" x H:38.6"(Not Available)
Dresser&Dresser&Mirror,Modern Furniture,Modern Furniture: W:47.2" x D:16.5" x H:30.7"(Not Available)
Dresser&Dresser&Mirror,Modern Furniture,Modern Furniture stool: W:17.7" x D:17.7" x H:17.7"(Not Available)
Full Dresser&Mirror,Modern Furniture: W:29.5" x D:1.6" x H:72.8"


The Serenade modern black platform Master Bed,Modern Furniture prides itself with crosshatch design on the thick padded headboard and Master Bed,Modern Furniture frame that gave it a debonair look. With quality leatherette padding, this Master Bed,Modern Furniture is sturdy and soft enough to bear weight and offers ultra-comfort. Made of quality materials, it features thorough stitching. Matching Master Bed,Modern Furniture pieces are available